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National Science Week

Plastic Free July

Literacy Activities - Sporting Heroes and Animal Diary

Become a Backyard Ranger!

LEGO Multiplication Wall Chart

Animal Worksheets (All KS)

Using LEGO for Maths

History - Time Machine

Build a LEGO Marble Run

Food Webs (KS2,4&5)

Animal Life Cycles (KS2)

External Features (KS1)

Mini Water Experiments for Kids!

Conservation (All KS)

Backyard Animal Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know Sydney Trivia Game!

Unique Mums of the Animal World Poster

Survival Habitat Board Game

Animal Adaptations (KS3)

Building Patterns with LEGO

World Oceans Day Craft Activity


Everything About Jellyfish! (All KS)

Role Models

Modern Media

Global Stars

Freshwater Habitats

Turtle Release


New Baby Shark Born

Sea Horse Breeding Project

Successfully Relocating A Grey Nurse Shark

Hook Caught In Shark

Little Blue Penguin Chick

Ani the Miracle Ray

Sea Horse Hotel Drop

Shark Safety Tips

Make Your Own Aquarium!

Popstars, Divas and Sporting Heroes

Superhero Activity Pack

50 Fun Activities for your Kids with LEGO DUPLO

Make an Aussie Cork Hat!

Madame Tussauds - Fun Quizzes and Activity Sheets

Make Your Own LEGO Phone Speaker

The Little Lost Egg E-Book

Create a LEGO Birthday Scene for a Classmate

SEA LIFE Colouring-in pages

Make Your Own LEGO DUPLO Shadow Theatre!

LEGO® Easter Colouring-In

Marine Themed Craft Easter Eggs

Make a Bilby Basket Easter Hat

Make a Unicorn Fish Easter Hat

Sydney Tower Eye Search and Find Activity!

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