Animal Worksheets (All KS)

Animal Worksheets

Here you'll find a range of unique educational resources around different topics inspired by animals. 

Learn all about the Aussie Big 5!

Aussie Big 5 Factsheet

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is famous for the Aussie animals that call it home. Learn all about them in this fact sheet and then test your knowledge with our mini-quiz!

Download it here!

Animal Activities for Younger Kids

Wild Life Worksheets

We have a range of animal-related activities including colouring in, dot-to-dot, word finds, mazes and more... Take your pick from the selection below!

WILD LIFE Activity Sheet - Butterfly 
WILD LIFE Activity Sheet - Wombat Maze and Word Find
WILD LIFE Dot to Dot and Colouring In
WILD LIFE Colouring - Aussie Big 5
WILD LIFE Cube Activity
WILD LIFE Word Search

Get To Know Our Team 

Download our series of interviews with our zookeepers and aquarists across WILD LIFE Zoo and SEA LIFE aquarium. Their stories will inspire your students! 

Download here:
Keeper Profiles

Penguin Recycling Activity

Students use recycled materials to construct their own penguins. Through this activity students will learn about penguin features, and also the impacts recycling can have on the penguins' environment.

Download here:
Penguin Resource Sheet

Shark Key Facts

Find out where different sharks live across the world and get to know nine different species. Can you guess many metres long the megalodon shark is? 

Download here:
Shark Poster

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Get To Know Our Penguins at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's