Everything About Jellyfish! (All KS)

Everything about Jellyfish! 

Here you'll find a range of resources all about Jellyfish! Including a fun fact poster, a craft-based activity worksheet, a word search and a jellyfish themed wall calendar!

Jellyfish Species Poster

This worksheet outlines 8 different species of jellyfish and how they differ in appearance. 

Download here:
U.F.O Species Poster 

Jellyfish Craft Activity Project

This worksheet introduces you to different types of U.F.O's (Unique Floating Organisms) aka jellyfish and encourages you with suggestions on how to make jellyfish artwork! 

Download here:

Jellyfish Word Search 

See how long it takes you to complete this just for fun word search!

Download here:
Word Search

Jellyfish Wall Calendar 

Time to get organised with this jellyfish themed wall calendar where you can learn fun facts about the beautiful creatures! 

Download here:

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